Paintings And Artwork by Bill Watt


We established the Watt Gallery to offer high quality Giclee prints on canvas of our original paintings and prints on archival museum quality paper of our original drawings and we thank you for visiting our Contemporary Art Gallery.

Searching and purchasing a painting or drawing on an Internet Art Gallery is a great way to look, compare and choose a piece of artwork for your home. You can involve the whole family in this process, get every ones opinion and make a joint decision.

You will find it much easier to imagine where to place the Painting or Drawing, while you have the image on your computer.

We have grouped our paintings into four categories: People, Abstracts, Still Life and Landscapes. Just click the painting button at the top of this page and choose your category. Each painting can be singled out by clicking on it giving you all the information and if you click again it will be presented in a larger bordered area giving you the best view.

To accommodate our clients we have chosen to offer two sizes for most pieces of our fine art prints. If you like one of the larger paintings but think it is to large for the space you have chosen than a smaller version will be perfect. Do not worry that it will diminish the impact of the piece, we have made sure that impact and quality do not suffer.

Quality pieces of Artwork stand on their own. However they should complement and harmonize with their surroundings.

Why are Giclee Prints so popular?

The Giclee (pronounced jhee-clay) reproduction process was developed in the 90.s and has made quite a splash offering reproduction for any and everything from photographs to collages to masterpieces and all at a very reasonable price.

However, in order to copy an original painting and capture all of its qualities a good digital scan is the first step. Our fine art paintings are scanned inch by inch onto a disc. This means the camera photographs one inch at a time in orderĀ  to capture all of the subtleties unique to the original work, the brush stroke texture, the color variations and the shadow details.

This process gives us the advantage of being only one generation away from the original. This is in contrast of the transparency process that creates a print that is two generations away from the original. Fewer generations means a more accurate print in the final outcome.

The disk and the original painting are presented to the printer to create the Giclee print. He will also have the original painting or drawing at his disposal to make sure he can compare original to print. This process is using a sophisticated paint jet printer. The printing jets deliver a fine stream of color pigments on the selected material i.e. archival paper or canvas.

Because of the printers and computers capability of the precise control of colored pigments, subtle gradations and variations, the finished product becomes a nearly perfect replica of the original.

Since paint is used for printing, is has been established that this increases the longevity of the prints and prevents fading. These are all great advantages over the lithograph and make the purchase of a fine art print a great investment.

When you purchase a LIMITED EDITION GICLEE print, you join an ever-growing number of art lovers, including world-renowned galleries, museums and auction houses, which purchase, sell and display them. For example, they are displayed in renowned and prestigious institutions like The Metropolitan Museum (New York), The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Laguna Art Museum (Ca.) and many others.

Unlike Lithography, GICLEE prints do not change quality during the printing process. In other words a number 1 print of a series is just as clear and perfect as number 200.

Our giclee printing is personally supervised and approved by the artist, William Watt. He approves every scan and proof of his paintings, before they are released for printing. All prints are numbered in series and hand signed. We also include a signed certificate of authenticity, giving our prints additional value.

In the final analysis Art should speak to your heart. A painting or drawing should enhance your environment, making your day happier and brighter every time you look at it. We all need the lifting of our spirit and the feeling of joy in our heart and that is what we want to achieve with our Giclee prints.